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System approach is a process of considering how different parts of the whole structure influence and integrate with each other and viewing problems in a system as affecting the system overall (Dreachslin, Gilbert, & Malone, 2013). According to Curtis, Dreachslin, and Sinioris (2007), the systems approach requires several steps, and these steps are to determine diversity and cultural competence goals in the context of strategy, measure current performance against needs, design training to address the gap, implement the training, assess training effectiveness, and strive for continuous improvement. Providing patient centered care has been the focus of recent organizational restructuring and quality improvement efforts in healthcare (Lutz & Bower, 2000). In healthcare literature, providing a patient centered care is to provide care and to meet patients’ needs. To provide a patient centered care, it is essential to understand the patient as a unique individual. It also important to be able to explore the patient’s experience of illness and finding common ground regarding treatment through shared decision making (Lutz & Bower, 2000). Given the first patient scenario, as a healthcare provider, it is essential for nurses to tailor our approaches to care for this patient. For this specific ethnicity, being overweight is seen as positive, and their traditional cuisine is rich of carbohydrates and sweets (Caballero & Tenzer, 2007). To provide best care for Mr. Garcia, it is best to provide a Spanish speaking nurse if possible, or an interpreter. It is important to educate Mr. Garcia regarding diet changes, for example, exchanging their simple flour tortilla to corn tortilla or pouring off excess grease after cooking. Increasing physical... ...n, gender, sexual orientation, and ability (Dayer-Berenson,2012). According to Goldsmith (2000), cultural competence does not require that patients be treated by using the same methods used in their country of origin. However, cultural competency does create a compelling case for understanding the different ways patients act in a clinical setting and for communicating with patients to ensure the best possible clinical outcome. Both patient-centered care and cultural competence aim to improve health care quality. As health-care workers we are held to the highest moral and ethical codes. Patients trust their lives in our hands. To live up to this trust we have to be respectful and compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding. Respect, dignity, knowledge, and patience are required to gain mutual trust in every relationship especially patient and doctor relationships.

Women Characters in Midsummers Nights Dream by William Shakespeare Ess

Women Characters in Midsummers Night's Dream by William Shakespeare In Williams Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," many of the play's female characters have strong similarities and differences among one another. Although many of the main female characters in the play come from dissimilar backgrounds, their similarities are brought together by common problems associated with society and love. Of the four main female characters, Hippolyta, Titania, Helena, and Hermia, both Hippolyta and Titania are royalty while Helena and Hermia are commoners. However, a common theme associated with Hippolyta, Titania, Helena, and Hermia, regardless of their social caste, is their similarities and differences in dealing with love in a patriarchal society. Nevertheless, the patriarchal society in which Hippolyta, Titania, Helena, and Hermia live in struggles to hinder the feelings and attitudes which provide them with a distinct conception for love in a male dominated society. Hippolyta is a strong yet silent amazonian beauty who is the love of Theseus, Duke of Athens. Although Hippolyta is largely silent in her dealings with love in the patriarchal society, her physical presence speaks for the untold voice she might profit from. Of the four main female characters Hippolyta is the more silent of the four. However, since Hippolyta is the maiden of Theseus she bears heavy in the decisions Theseus makes about the love quarrels within the play. From the words of Theseus the reader can associate that Hippolyta has a strong impact on the actions he takes when dealing with love and marriage: For you, fair Hermia, look you arm yourself To fit your fancies to your father's will, Or else the law of Athens yeilds you up-... ...) Although Helena fails at wooing Demetrius, the fight for Demetrius's love is not hidden behind the patriarchal community of Athen's. Both Hippolyta and Titania, as well as Hermia and Helena, share common interest in defying the laws of a patriarchal society. The foremost problem associated with a male dominated society in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was love. Therefore, a common focus associated with Hippolyta, Titania, Helena, and Hermia, in spite of their social standing, is their likenesses and contrasts in handling the idea of love in a patriarchal society. Still, the patriarchal society in which Hippolyta, Titania, Helena, and Hermia reside in strives to impede the feelings and attitudes which make up their idea of what love should become in a patriarchal society. Bibliography: The Bedford Introduction to Literature. By: Michael Meyer

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Humans & Errors Essay

Humans, by nature, are prone to errors. Most likely, its creation is close to errors as well. Since software is one of the many unique things man has made, it also has a high probability to fall into errors. Accordingly, the software that is used to write a Java programming language may contain errors, too. Programmers saw this problem, thus, created an error-handling system that could look in to the world of programming particularly the Java language and its runtime environment. The runtime errors found in Java are otherwise and collectively regarded as exceptions, and the procedure to uncover and deal with such errors is what we call exception handling (Cohn, Morgan, Morrison, Nygard, Joshi, & Trinko, 1996). This describes how closely runtime errors, exception, and exception handling are related to each other. Exception handling is a process. Its main purpose is to detect and take action to exceptions in the most trusted manner. Exception, on the other hand, is the term used as an alternative for errors. This is because exception stands for exceptional or abnormal forms that are not essentially considered errors. Since technology is growing so fast, exception handling becomes important in such a way that it is used as a tool to improve the management of errors as they grow together with technology. Exception handling is a standard approach to the growing number of errors. Precisely, it is important in managing runtime errors because it has an innate characteristic to separate error-handling code from its functional program code. Apart from that, it provides a certain method of call stack wherein the method used to resolve a higher level of error can be used for lower ones. References Cohn, C. , Morgan, B. , Morrison, M. , Nygard, M. , Joshi D. , and Trinko T. (1996). Java Developer’s Reference. Indianapolis: Sams. net Publishing

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Religion A Means to an End or Just a Delusion Essay

Over the years, people have held different opinions about religions around the world. Many believe in the existence of a divine being like God, while others worship idols and other images that they consider as their god(s), without concrete proof that these beings do exist. Based on the statement by Sigmund Freud that â€Å"Religion comprises a system of wishful illusions together with a disavowal of reality†, one may come up with several arguments about religion. This notion held by Freud, which he contends that religion is merely a human delusion forms the basis of this paper among other views. It is in human nature to seek and understand the meaning of life and through the use of intangible concepts, religion attempts to provide answers to satisfy human curiosity. Burke believed that different religions provide a framework by which people can understand the meaning of human life and the world. Each religion prescribes possible remedies to correct what it views to be fundamentally wrong and unsatisfactory about people’s existence (Burke 126), making religion an attractive way to attain satisfaction in life. However, the basis of such remedies lies in a realm that is transcendent of ordinary human experience, that is, more on the realm of supernatural (Burke 141). For example, monotheistic religions point to a supreme being who judges which people gets eternal life based on their obedience to his law. Religions of Indian origin on the other hand, provide an escape from an eternal destiny of suffering and limitation brought by the unending cycle of birth, death and rebirth (Burke 161). Such influential notion that obedience to a religion could give fulfillment may cause people to accept and believe in religious concepts wholeheartedly, wit hout tangible proof. Monotheistic religions describe an omnipotent and omniscient supreme being who governs human life through a set of laws. Believers may seek solace, comfort and the purpose of life by obeying this set of rules, often to gain good judgment from their God. However, such belief in a supreme being is typically based on human faith rather than concrete evidence of divine existence. For example, people in these religions believe that their God created the Earth and therefore, human existence. This notion can be challenged by modern scientific theories that explain the origin of the universe and human existence through logical and factual means, such as the Big Bang theory for the origin of the universe and evolution for how humans came to be. Religions of Indian origin deal with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Rebirth is the religious or philosophical idea that the spirit or soul, after natural death, can start another life in another body (Burke 163). This never-ending cycle is brought by human’s self-centered desire, and brings eternal suffering to humans. Human existence therefore is to liberate one’s spirit from an egocentric self to end the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and free oneself from suffering (Burke 236). This largely deals with the spiritual dimension and is nothing more than a philosophical concept, which again is based on human belief and not concrete evidence. There has been no account of people who have been reincarnated, or proof that a soul does exist. It is another way to explain the meaning of life, which gives people purpose of living. In conclusion, people hold different views about religion. In any case, religious views are just analogies, by the assistance of which we attempt to comprehend a shared phenomenon. However, the absence of convincing proof for the existence of God and the soul, and the presence of more plausible explanations for religious phenomena, prompts Freud and other skeptics to dismiss religion as merely a human delusion. References Amstrong, Karem. Islam. London, United Kingdom: Orion Publishers, 2011. Print. Burke, Thomas P. The Major Religions: An Introduction with Texts. Malden: Blackwell Publishing, 2004. Print. Trungpa, Chögyam, and Judith L. Lief. The Heart of the Buddha: Entering the Tibetan Buddhist Path. Boston, Mass: Shambhala, 2010. Internet resource. Source document

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We Googled You

We Googled You The case in the â€Å"We Googled You† article is rather tricky. On one hand, the disconcerting online revelation with Mimi protesting against China serves as solid evidence not to hire her. If members of the management team based in China discover the pictures and information about Mimi’s protests, they may decline to continue to conduct business with Hathaway Jones. It will also ruin the company’s reputation in the eyes of potential future customers. In addition to the searched Google results, Mimi’s recommendations also contained a few negative traits including brash and strongly opinionated.These aspects may not allow her to get along with other workers and colleagues. Her liberal behavior including her wink at Fred is not quite suitable for China’s more conservative culture. On the other hand, it is possible that Virginia misunderstood the information she found online. Fred should consult Mimi directly to fully understand the situ ation about what really happened. It is extremely easy for someone to falsify information and manipulate digital media. With digital cameras being so prominent today, it is inevitable that personal pictures and information would end up online for everyone to Google and find out.Additionally, Mimi’s background includes a strong education and solid experience. Her Berkeley and Stanford degrees and past job positions will allow her to perform the job at a higher level of expertise than many other potential job applicants. As discussed in class, employers should hire based on ability to perform and not on hard data and statistics. From these standpoints, the benefits to hiring outweigh the costs. For these reasons, I support the decision to hire Mimi. I feel that she would make an excellent addition and make a great deal of contributions to Hathaway Jones.

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Book review of The Hunger Games – Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a â€Å"Victor's Tour† of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (Quarter Quell) – a competition that could change Panem forever.I enjoyed this book as it kept me reading on and wanting to know what's going to happen next ecause the story line and the descriptive detail on each page. I didn't really dislike any parts of the book as it kept me reading on and I wanted to read more of what going to happen. Katniss Everdeen – is Just trying to get her life back to normal. But people of District 12 look at her differently now, and she's always on the radar in the Capitol. Now that she's won the Hunger Games, Katniss' family gets to live in a nice house and will never go hungry.Her role as the family's breadwinner is no longer needed. The others in her district also get more food and will be better off for at least a year, hanks to Katniss and Peeta's win in the arena. To them, she's a hero, but to herself, she's anything but. It seems pretty obvious what the most dangerous option of these is. It's harder to tell what was really going on in her mind, though. Most of the time, Katniss is full of self-loathing, especially when she must decide whether to run away or stick it out in District 12 and try to fght the Capitol.She wants her old life back as she knew where she stood in life; ‘l mourn my old life here. We barely scraped by, but I knew where I fit in, I knew what my place was in the tightly interwoven fabric hat was our life. I wish I could go back to it because, in retrospect, it seems so secure compared with n ow, when I am so rich and so famous and so hated by the authorities in the Capitol. ‘ Peeta Mellark – Throughout the book, Katniss admires Peeta's ability to make speeches: and then I think of it, what Peeta can do much better than the rest of us.He can use words. He obliterated the rest of the field at both interviews. And maybe it's because of that underlying goodness that he can move a crowd – no, a country – to his side with the turn of a simple sentence. ‘ Peeta speaks as naturally as Katniss hunts, but his skill isn't called for in the arena like hers is. It's the luck of the draw that she ends up as the face of the revolution, all the while thinking that Peeta would be much better suited for the task.Peeta is a bit of a contradiction: he's one of the kindest and least selfish characters in the book, but he's also one of the best liars. When the tributes have their final televised interviews before the Quarter Quell, Peeta steals the show by pr oducing not Just one but two excellent lies. These lies, pregnant, are so effective that the audience seems likely to explode. Gale Hawthorne – He and Katniss understand each other because they're both from the poorest part of town. He's a great hunter and a responsible provider for his family.And he and Katniss have a long history together. Gale and Peeta are also very different guys. Where Peeta is selfless, Gale is selfish. He wants Katniss all to himself; while Peeta is prepared to let her go if it will save her life. Consider how Katniss approaches both guys with her plan of running away. Gale is all into it until he learns that Katniss expects Peeta to go, too. In contrast, Peeta expects that Katniss would ant to bring Gale along, and he's still willing to follow her. But Just because Gale is selfish doesn't mean he's bad.It's kind of flattering to Katniss that he wants her all to himself, although she wouldn't be able to live with herself if they left Peeta behind. Eve n though Gale hasn't suffered like Katniss has at the hands of the Capitol, he's more than ready to rebel. Whereas Katniss is usually wishy-washy and cautious about the opposing the Capitol, Gale is certain. He's sick of the rules, sick of watching his family go hungry, and sick of having no choice about his future. He's so firmly against the Capitol that he won't even accept a gift Katniss brings him from the region.Gale has always been one for breaking the law. Like Katniss, he's had to poach to find food for his family, so obeying the law wasn't really an option. Unlike Katniss, though, Gale gets caught and is whipped within an inch of his life. Rather than scare him into submission, though, Gale Just becomes even more anti-Capitol. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and romance books as this has both, action from the games and rebellion and the romance from Peeta and Katniss.

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Soccer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Soccer - Essay Example One way or another you have to be totally involved to watch the game and live with it. It is a matter of fact that at least 80 percent of fans are good players. Many people consider simplicity to be the fundamental of soccer popularity, even if you see the game for the very first time you can figure out this game’s manner. But alongside with its simplicity, soccer is a game of great skill and strategy. If we take a look at the crowd, watching the game at the stadium, we would admit that regardless of the age, race or religion they become equal, wearing their teams replica’s shirts or scarves, chanting and supporting their team. The object of the game of soccer is to move the ball across the field and to drive a ball right into an opposing team’s goal and to score a point as a result. There are eleven players in each team playing on a rectangular field and apparently the team that scores the most points is a winner. It is almost impossible to list every existing aspect of the game and each country where soccer is played. Soccer has its interpretation of game culture, own kinesics as a body language of communication between the team players. As the game of contradictions soccer implies development of skill and endurance. You will hardly ever be able to play the ball and perform difficult techniques without training to do so. There are many characteristics a player should gain in order to succeed. Training of strength and endurance is essential feature. Soccer is a game of confidence, reaction and rhythm, thus developing speed, power and agility is important. You have to be flexible in order to warm up or cool down when the situation requires. Soccer game requires proper equipment to increase player’s effectiveness and safety. Shoes with spikes on the bottom are special feature that increases ability to stay on player’s feet and provide a better traction on grass. Socks are very long and sometimes a player has to buy them on his own but